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April 25, 2016

Why I'm glad I came to CIA

Why I'm glad I came to CIA

First-year student Jeremy Bartlett was glassy eyed

A t-shirt brought Texas native Jeremy Bartlett to CIA and the first-year student is glad he came.

Bartlett became fascinated by a glassblowing demonstration video on the Corning Museum of Glass website showing CIA Glass Department Chair Marc Petrovic ’91 at work. Bartlett quickly became a Petrovic fan and noticed the artist was wearing a CIA t-shirt. He looked up the college, applied, and the rest is history.

“Someday I’d love to work at the Corning Museum. Or on Marc Petrovic’s team – if he ever lets me,” he said.

While he came to CIA to study glass, Bartlett said his eyes have been opened thanks to the range of resources available to CIA students. “Going through the different major meetings, I found I’m not necessarily stuck to glass, but I have options within the design field.”

Meanwhile, Bartlett is thrilled to seize every creative opportunity CIA offers. “Just by using the facilities available here, and the library, it’s been really interesting,” he says. “The professors are absolutely the best I’ve ever had. They can’t be any better… They’re working artists, they have their own professions, but they help you do your work here.”

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