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Transportation Design

Within CIA’s nationally acclaimed Industrial Design major, you may choose the Transportation Design track in order to focus your career on meeting the ever-changing needs of companies that build cars, trucks, and motorcycles. You’ll learn from and connect with automotive designers working at the top of this field, and explore its many career options.

Transportation design professionals may specialize in exteriors, interiors, lighting, and clay modeling. As new technology creates possibilities around self-driving vehicles, designers of all kinds will be called upon to rethink how exterior and interior spaces are used.

Classes take place in individual student studios and collaborative spaces. You’ll have easy access to cutting-edge computer technology, shop facilities, presentation rooms, project rooms, and rapid prototyping.

You’ll be working with dedicated Transportation Design faculty members, as well as designer-instructors from GM, Chrysler Fiat, and other manufacturers. You’ll begin course projects with research, then move to conceptualization, refinement, and presentation. You will build a strong understanding of all aspects of the profession.

Real-world experience for real-world careers
What may best set CIA apart from other colleges of art and design is its commitment to engaged practice. CIA’s Engaged Practice provides you opportunities to learn through experience by working on real-world projects with external partners or clients, or in the public sphere—all before graduation.

These opportunities allow you to put your classroom and studio knowledge to work in a professional setting while still being guided by faculty. You’ll learn what it takes to meet clients’ expectations, and you will emerge with confidence that will serve you as you launch your career.

Major Application
Art and design education is structured to prepare students for the challenges of competition that define a career in the art and design fields. Consistent with that value, CIA students begin their major focus with an application process that is competitive. Students apply to majors in the spring semester of their Foundation year.

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